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About Us

Roxana Szabo - My story

The first time I met Zumba: I fell in love.
I was amazed by the music, and the latin rhythm captivated me. After my first Zumba class my friends told me: “It is you! The happiness, rhythm and dancing.”

I knew that I want to be an instructor. I had to finish my studies first, and as I was a professional ballroom dancer who has competitions every weekend and who have given the chance to step on the top of the platform in Ten Dance, it was not easy to change.

With my family we founded a dance hall rental service, where we planned to start Zumba classes later, but there were no available instructors in my area.

This was the perfect time for me to became a Zumba instructor. My ballroom dancing past helped me to easily learn all the moves, and attend all the Zumba courses in a short period of time. With my partner we practiced 7-8 hours a day.

Since then, we have many returning guests, not just from the younger generation, but from elderly people as well. I really like to teach them as the best acknowledgement for me is the happiness I see in their eyes after a class. I started to promote Zumba in elementary and high school physical education classes. It is a great success, not just in the more susceptible elementary grades.

I have a lot of feedback from my guests that they can’t sleep that well when they don’t attend my classes. You should know how much Zumba can change your life.

I hope to see you in my Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, Zumba Sentao and Zumbatomic classes. In the summer don’t forget to check out my Aqua Zumba classes too.

Anna Győrfi

During primary school years have seen challenges in team sports, so the first time I played football and basketball. The volleyball and accompanied me to maturity. During college and university years I have developed their own training programs. Shaping focused practice, which was indispensable to the music. Move music, dance "crazy", but not alone, the community, what I wanted.
I moved to Budapest. All dance styles have tried it, but it's impossible. It then entered into my life the Zumba Fitness. The perfect solution for Zumba reported, as there are many dance style involves great choreographies that are tuned together. The more I watch behind me, the more resolved the gátlásoságom, and the more confident I became, not only a dance hall, but outside as well! The high-spirited energy boost watches have been reported, even after eight hours of work. Spinning mouth to ear length.
The Zumba does owe that opened!

Viktória Flach

My meeting with Zumba® is such look like the born of Zumba®, it’s thanks for a fortune. I had an old desire to finally learn hip-hop and in 2010 I registered to a course. In the dance studio where I went, I met with a big, pink Zumba® poster and I got curious about it. Because Zumba® class was right after the hip-hop class this one time I stayed to give it a try.  This was my destiny. After the class I knew I found something I had been searching for my whole life.

Since my kindergarten years I am an active sports person, I used to swim, ice-skate until 6th grade. I played basketball for 11 years and I played squash for 3 years besides these I tried many types of sports like: volleyball, handball, football, badminton, ping-pong... etc. I got attracted by dance world, but along my other sport activities I didn’t have time.  

I went ballroom dancing, west coast swing, salsa for two years, but still very sorry that it was kept in the background. In zumba® I found how to get fit by dancing! The first time I fell in love and this love has continued ever since. :) At first I went twice a week, but it did not take too long to do it seven days a week. At that time also came the idea that I would like to do this as a “job”.

In addition to completely moving the body, it refreshes the soul. Lots of positive energy is released, and after the class you feel much better, full of life. It gives you self confidence, it turns you completely off, the daily problems disjointed.

You almost imperceptibly learn the foundations of the Latin dances. You do not have to concentrate on every step convulsively, or get annoyed when something does not work, just enjoy the music and the mood of the party! The key is to make you feel good!

Welcome with love in my classes!

Emese Májik

I am the mother of three wonderful children. After my second child was born I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. That was the point when I decided to get involved with sports. It wasn’t an easy choose, I wanted to do something that is enjoyable, it’s about dance and it makes me feel good while I am doing it, and it also helps to loose weight.

That was when I came across with Zumba.

A latin rhythm that is touches my heart. It has changed my life, after the first class I knew, I want it to do that. I was filled with positive energy and I started to feel better after each class, not to mention that I kept loosing weight. It was an energizing experience physically and mentally each time. I fell in love with Zumba. I couldn’t get enough of it, I always wanted more.

That’s how I got the idea, I should do this professionally. I could share this joy, level of energy with others that I received everyday after and during the classes. The most important thing is you don’t have to concentrate to do everything with perfection, but to feel good to unwind after either a short or a long day. 

I am looking forward to see you at my classes, to experience an unforgettable and party filled Zumba class.